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Denise McCormack owner of pink and perfect florists


Hello and thank you for visiting our website. I am Denise, florist and owner of Pink & Perfect, an independent florists and gift shop based in Maidenhead Berkshire. Originally from London I moved to Maidenhead over 20 years ago and have loved it here ever since. 

I have always enjoyed creating with flowers and after qualifying as a florist, some years ago now, I have been very fortunate to have been able to make it my career.  

I love running my shop in my home town, and being able to share my love of flowers with all my friends, family and neighbours.  

Our Philosophy

When I decided that I was going to open my own shop I was determined to be different. I wanted a shop that I was proud of and a shop people want to visit again and again. 

We have a very simple philosophy here at Pink Perfect  

“always provide exceptional quality, excellent service and value for money.”

You will always find ….

A friendly welcoming atmosphere

The very best seasonal flowers

Experienced, qualified  and very talented florists

Only The Best Flowers Will Do

Every good florists knows that each creation from the smallest posy to the grandest of designs will only ever be as good as the flowers used. As a student this was drummed into us everyday and has become my guiding principle. “Use the best to create the best”. 

Only flowers hand selected by us make it into Pink & Perfect

There is nothing quite like the hustle and bustle of a flower market early in the morning. I love talking to all the stall holders to find out what new flower varieties have just arrived, or taking my time to pick through whats on offer using my experience to only select the very best stems, negotiating prices and then placing my order. I admit sitting on the motorway in the early hours of a cold winters morning is possibly not the best part of running a florist shop but when my customers ask me how come my flowers are always so fresh and last so long, it makes it all worth while.

The Team

Kate, Cherry, Linda and Debbie, also highly experienced and qualified florists complete the line-up here at Pink & Perfect. With more years of experience between us than we would probably like to admit, means that what ever you need you can be confident that we can create exactly what you want.  

We are here to deliver all of your flowery needs

It's Good to be a Florist

The great thing about being a florist is that things are always changing. Keeping up trends, new styles and changes in fashion. Embracing new techniques while still perfecting traditional ones is all part of being Pink & Perfect.

It is great learning new techniques and keeping up with trends, new styles and changes in fashion.

Continually investing time in our own skills mean you can be confident that we will always deliver exactly what you envisage, from the traditional to modern we are here to help.

Not Just a Florist Shop

Floral Workshops

We  run floral workshops throughout the year, where I get to sharing my passion for flowers and a chance to teach you lots of wonderful flowery secrets and techniques you can use again and again.  

Gift Shop

We like to be a little different, so you will always find a good selection of unique gift ideas. Glassware, candles and many items you will not find anywhere else.  

We look forward to seeing you soon ....


We love flowers and pride ourselves on ensuring everything we create is perfect. 

We give the same care and attention to detail to everything we do, from the smallest posy to the grandest of bespoke designs.
because everything has to be